a one purpose tool

Optimize jpg pictures interactive

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Such applications already exists, mostly loaded with functions: This little program - hacked in 1.5 days - has only one purpose: Read jpgs, adjust compression while watching the unavoidabe loss, and save afterwards.

Preview of screenshot


New version '1.1' 14.11.2003

  • In the 'Open-Dialog' more image-filetypes are shown (e.g.: png, gif, ...).
  • If you install Java Advanced Imaging (JAI), new formats become available, currently (JAI 1.1.2) these are:
       bmp, gif, jfif, jls, jp2, jpeg, jpg, pbm, png, ppm, tif, tiff, wbmp
    however the JAI extension doesn't read all types of those formats properly, but one will see.
  • Removed a little bug: before some files remained in the operating system temporary folder.

For all systems with at least Java 1.4: Windows, Mac, *nix etc. No warranties. Download JpgOptimizer.jar 23KB.
After download, and if you use windows, start the gamy by doubleclicking on the file in the explorer.
The java runtime has to be installed.

The pretty look

If you want the program to look as pretty as the screenshot, you need an auxiliary file. The look is named 'Metouia' look & feel, and you just have to put this jar-file into the same folder as the program: metouia.jar 60KB. You may want to visit the original site at Sourceforge. You can use the program without this look.


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